There are three viruses in the cat world that can be harbored in their system without symptoms and that can have devastating consequences.

They are FELV (feline leukemia virus), FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and FIP
(feline infectious peritonitis).
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The viruses can be transferred from direct contact or exposure to an infected cat’s secretions and excretions. Kittens can be born with it and may show no signs of infection for months, years or for a whole lifespan.

There are good screening tests for FELV/FIV/FIP that we suggest running on every cat that is newly acquired (unless it has been tested previously). The tests are not perfect and sometimes need follow-up testing. We will discuss this with you at the time of the test.

The incidence of these viruses is diminishing and is probably positive in only a few percent of the animals tested locally. Unfortunately, the risk is actually higher in cats from multiple cat environments and in cats with exposures in show rings or certain breeding circles.

We suggest viral testing of every cat and then we will tailor our preventive suggestions based on the lifestyle and risk factors of each individual cat

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