San Juan Animal Hospital offers professional bathing services for dogs and cats. We do offer complete baths, nail trims, ear care and anal gland expressions.

This service includes a thorough shampooing with a minimum of five minutes of lather time and “massaging.” We clean the ears deeply, trim the nails and empty the anal sacs. This is followed by towel drying, then the use of a full-cage drying unit until the pet is dry. We monitor the cages closely to avoid over heating or any other complication. The final touch is in the brushing out of the loose hair and a final “sprucing up.” Pet perfume may be applied if desired.

We also offer ear irrigation (flushing), mat removal, tooth brushing, special medicinal shampoos, topical flea and tick treatments for additional fees. Minor procedures such as ear plucking and sanitary cuts can be arranged, but we would refer you to a groomer for more complete hair cuts and facial shaping.

For your convenience, medical procedures and examinations, vaccinations and lab tests can be performed while your pet is with us on “bath day.”