• We have all been raised with the understanding that vaccinations can protect our pets from disease.
  • Vaccines have unfortunately been associated with increased risks toward developing some serious internal problems, including cancer and immune-mediated diseases.
  • Our profession is working on defining the line between “over-vaccinating” and “under-vaccinating”.
  • We are selecting vaccine protocols based on exposure risks, breed and age of individual pets.
  • We will suggest that we test antibody levels (“titers”) to see if an individual pet is still protected by prior vaccinations.
  • We give partial dose vaccinations when appropriate.
  • Many vaccines include immune stimulants (adjuvants) which have been linked to cancer induction. We do not use any adjuvant vaccinations.
  • Vaccine manufacturers have produced vaccines with viral genomes or with recombinant genetic material in order to minimize side reactions and to maximize the actions of the injection. There are some manufacturing companies who have been more at the forefront of this trend. The vaccinations that veterinarians no longer order to administer in their hospitals or clinics are often sold on the secondary market (pet stores, “low cost” vaccine clinics, mail order companies). 
  • Overall health benefits for our pets are maximized more by routine physical examinations and laboratory tests than by vaccinations.

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