Parasite Control

Parasite Control


  • Resistant to many pesticides.
  • Source of tapeworms and cause allergic skin disease.


  • Comfortis monthly all year around (fleas only).
  • Frontline instead every month (fleas and ticks).
  • Trifexis

Intestinal Parasites

  • Far more prevalent in household dogs than thought.
  • Commonly picked up from rabbit droppings, dog parks, beaches and trails.
  • Some are transmissible to humans by close contact.


  • Sentinel or Interceptor pill monthly all year
  • Stool examinations twice a year.
  • Trifexis

Heartworm Disease

  • Endemic, not epidemic, in local area.
  • Transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • Easily and safely prevented. Difficult and risky to treat.


  • Trifexis

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