San Juan Animal Hospital

List of Veterinary Care Services at San Juan Animal Hospital

Physical Exam
Teeth, Mucous Membrane Color, Eyes, Ears, Heart and Lung, Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Lymph Nodes, Urogenital, Skin, Nervous System, Pain, Hydration, Body Condition Score.

Laboratory Tests
Onsite and referral labs. Blood Panels, Organ Function Tests, Fecal Analysis, Urinalysis, Heartworm Tests, Skin Scrapings, Bacterial Cultures, Feline Viral Tests (FELV, FIV, FIP)

Vaccine Risk Assessment, Distemper/Parvo titers
High quality vaccines with much lower potential of acute or long term adverse reactions. No adjuvant. Recombinant DNA.

Digital X-Rays
Lower Exposure times, Immediate X-Ray Image Review, Manipulation and Interpretation, Higher Quality X-Rays, Permanent off Site storage, easy digital transfer of images, ability to enhance the images without retakes. Digital transfer for Board Certified Radiologists interpretation. Fractures, arthritis, heart disease, abdominal masses, spinal arthritis.

Traditional Full Service Dental Cleaning and Polishing. Ultrasonic dental scaling. Enamel protection. Pain Management. Preventive Dental Products and Dog and Cat Toothpastes. Dentistry without Anesthesia for pets with enhanced risk factors, performed in Twilight Sedation with Local Anesthetic gel. Control of bad breath and of periodontal disease, removal of tartar and plaque.

Surgery-Laser Certified Laser Fellow
Experienced in general surgery, soft tissue and orthopedic. In practice since 1988. Spays, Neuters, Gastric and Intestinal surgery, Bladder Stones, Urethrostomies for cats with urinary obstructions, eyelid surgeries. Skin and soft tissue tumors, growths, wart and cyst removal. Surgery done with general anesthesia, local anesthesia, nerve block or twilight sedation along with local anesthesia. Experienced with Neuticals. Laser Declaws.

General anesthesia with IV induction and maintenance with Sevoflurane (newer generation of safety from Isoflurane). Local anesthesia, Nerve Blocks, Twilight Anesthesia, IV Sedation, oral tranquilizers.

Pre-operative Consultations, Pre-operative Examinations, Pre-operative Blood Screening.
Staff trained in public safety: CPR and Defibrillation.

Experienced Cardiac (Heart) Examinations, including EKG, digital X-Rays, and Blood Pressure Measurement. Medical management and dietary management of Cardiac Disease.

Laser Surgery
Since 2001. Trained in Washington DC and in Virginia. Additional training on-site. Wonderful results: less pain, less bruising or bleeding, less swelling or licking, minimal scar tissue, lower infection rate, more visible margins for tumor removal. Can be done with local anesthesia in many cases.

Ultrasounds on site
Immediate results, non-invasive, painless, images can be sent to specialists for interpretation. Used in conjunction with digital X-Rays.

Full Pharmacy
Compare our prices with Pet Med Express! Full pharmacy: antibiotics, heart medications (Vetmedin, Lasix), Thyroid control (Tapazole, Soloxine), Diabetic Drugs (Insulin: ProZinc, Humilin N, Humilin R, NPH Insulin), Eye Medications (Cyclosporine and Optimune). Pain Medications (Metacam, Deramaxx, Rimadyl, Tramadol), Cough suppressants (Tussigon, Torbutrol).

Referral of cases to specialists
(Dermatology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Oncology/Cancer, Internal Medical and Surgical Specialists)

Overnight hospitalization and Boarding.

Emergency Services and Urgent Care
On-site and by referral. Dog Fights, snakebites, fractures, seizures, asthma attacks, heart attacks.

House calls and in-home euthanasia
(established local clients only)

Fertility, Pregnancy Assistance
Caesarian Sections (C-Sections). Timing of ovulation, referral for artificial insemination.

Internal Medicine
Advanced care of metabolic disease, toxins, seizures (epilepsy), organ failure (heart disease, lung disease, thyroid disease, liver disease, kidney and bladder problems), Urinary incontinence or “accidents/not using the cat-box” problems. Wheezing, Coughing, Hacking treatment. Poisons (snail bait, rat bait/DCon, Rattlesnake bites, bee stings, spider bites, and tick related infections.) Control of diarrhea and vomiting problems, loose stools, constipation, colitis, food allergies, biopsies. Workup for excessive drinking or frequent or painful urination. Sneezing and coughing evaluated and controlled.

Allergy Care
(Allergic Inhalant Dermatitis or Atopy), Food allergies and environmental allergies. Skin and hair problems (scratching, hot spots, sores).

Arthritis Care and evaluation
(Hip dysplasia, back pain, intervertebral disc disease, knee/stifle pain). Management of acute and of chronic pain.

Ear Infections and problems
Smelly ears. Shaking head.

Parasites of skin and ears and internal parasites
Flea and tick control (Advantage, Frontline, Capstar, Premise sprays, flea baths).

Behavioral problems
(Doggie “Prozac”-like drugs).

Breed related/genetic problems

Prescription diets: Dermatitis Diet (D/D), Kidney Diet (K/D), Intestinal Diet (I/D), Cystitis Diet (C/D), Tartar Diet (T/D), Heart Diet (H/D), Joint Diet (J/D) for arthritis, Reduction Diet (R/D), Brain Diet (B/D) for dementia and senility.

Glaucoma, corneal ulcers and wounds, conjunctivitis, dry eye (KCS), eyelid growths, cataract detection, discharges.

Accurate individual medical records

Blood Transfusions
Cross matching, donor fresh blood and frozen products.

Health Certificates and Travel Certificates
Pre-travel Rabies testing for Hawaii and England.

New Pet examinations and evaluations
Pre-purchase or immediately upon purchase. Not affiliated with any pet stores or breeders. Open minded, thorough evaluation.

Client education materials

Pet sitting and dog training referrals

Bathing and grooming services
Pedicures, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression internally. Therapeutic Ear Flushing for smelly ears or infected ears. Treatment and prevention of Anal Gland Impactions or Anal Gland Infections.

Boarding, indoor and outdoor
Misting system outdoors, Air conditioning and heating indoors.

Isolation Room
(sick room) completely isolated from other animals.

Alternative Medicine


Please ask us anything that is on your mind. We are able to help with nearly any medical condition and we are very interested in prevention of recurrence.